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Baguette & Co” is a school catering company created in 2014 by Gil D’Harcour, an accredited French foodservice consultant based in Indonesia since 1994 and a member of the most recognized foodservice consultant association in the world, “FCSI”, Foodservice Consultant Society International.

After creating more than 50 restaurants which include some awards winning concepts for high profile investors in Indonesia, Gil D’Harcour moved into institutional foodservice in 2012 by taking over the foodservice management of the German School in BSD, introducing a new concept of cafeteria and bar with balanced meals and strict hygiene standards.


“Baguette & Co “ is proposing solutions for school administrations concerned about the way students eat within their premises.


As the world is facing its worst sanitary crisis since 2020, it is imperative to create and manage canteen and cafeteria facilities with the utmost attention placed on hygiene standards and move forward with a comforting message of professionalism to convey to all students but also to their parents.


Our mission is clear, it is to educate our children in appreciating food served in schools and universities through more balanced and nutritious meals.


“Ready to Eat” food is still the favorite for the majority of the middle-class families. Indonesian food is no longer cooked the way grandmas did and the introduction of the fast-food phenomenon through foreign franchises has accelerated the process of “disinformation” about what should be a balanced diet for the young generation.


Temptations are everywhere, in the streets and in shopping malls, and because of the natural tendency to eat fried and sweet or overly salted food everyday, natural tastes are corrupted, a situation aggravated by an invasion of confectionary products and flavors enhancers in many commercial eateries.


The young generation should be given the right to eat simple and tasty food everyday, without omitting the entertaining and sensual part of the meal experience.

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